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10:30am —Carrie Belleno—title “Chaos to Calm”—Beleno is an Empowerment Teacher, Author and Reiki Master. Owner of Beleno Spiritual Healing Center

11:15am —Living Room Yoga, Emmaus, Pa—Shana Baumgartner will introduce “Yoga for Everybody and Every BODY.” Shana is a certified teacher in Yoga for many years.. She will be doing chair yoga demonstrations.

12 Noon -  Rev. Anke Christiani will present Understanding Aura Healing. Rev.Anke is a MUM-minister practicing at Metaphysical Universal Ministries. Through explanation, she will demonstrate the fascinating healing ability of called ‘Aura Healing’. Rev. Anke studied at a Mystery School in the Netherlands, called the MALVA Institute; where she graduated with a diploma in Chakra Therapy; further, she has a teachers degree in Usui Reiki as well as a degree in MDHS (Multi-Dimensional healing energy systems).

12:30pm -Deborah Foulkes---"Right of Passage, what the Dead say about reincarnation”.. This is the template of proving past lives for everyone. She will show us that prior incarnations can be validated through facts, often revealed through messages from Spirit, verifiable through the use of original, historical documentation. Deborah has travelled globally, graduating from Arthur Findlay college in England, she is a medium that has consistently demonstrated true spiritual communication throughout the many countries of the world.

1:15-2:15pm --Laurie Moore , well-known medium in PA., will be giving a demonstration with spirit messages. Lauri is back by popular demand, and as ready as ever to greet the spirit world with great joy, as she shares their messages to everyone in attendance.

2:15pm - Nick Sabharwal—“Real Teas”—Nick is a holistic wellness practitioner known for bringing expressions of Eastern philosophies in conjunction with Ayurvedic principles, for over four decades. He says “one great way for the expression is through our teas using combinations of spices and herbs that maintain the integrity of those principles”. For deeper insight into the amalgamation of eastern and western practices, be sure to be in attendance, to enjoy this great lecture.

3:00pm —Rev. Corbie Mitleid-Achieving Clarity on all Levels—Corbie is an author of the book “Clean out your Life Closet.” Once we acknowledge the goals and dreams we want in our life, we may still be left with hazy notions. How do we pick a focus? Author Corbie Mitleid shares excerpts and exercise from her book “Clean out your Life Closet” to put you in touch with your: purpose, relationships and spiritual growth. Corbie is a psychic, channel and medium since 1973. She travels from coast to coast, even to Canada, making Radio and TV appearances.

3:45pm -  Lisa Alexander-Presents “Vibrational Sound Healing”. Lisa is a quantum Metaphysician and creator of the Alexander Method of sound Therapy. She will talk about advanced skills to heal your physical and emotional body as well as the third eye.

4:00pm - Brian Kunsman-QiGong Healing-As Above so Below.  A practitioner of Pai Lum Family Martial Art since 1977. Pai Shen Li is a 3rd generation acknowledged inheritor of his system of Pai Lum Family Martial Arts, earning the rank of 10th higher level.  This  is vibrational method of tuning the energetic body to optimal health. The use of specific frequencies to assist and move Qi to perfect balance. This is a hands-on development of technique that is easily learned.

5:00pm - Willow Earth -Present her story on “A gift from a Dove”. Willow Earth is an exceptional reader using doves that speak to her in the directions on her reading with each person. She is the author of”A Gift from the Dove”.


Sunday – Sept 18, 2017


11:00am - Sharon Bibb, BHSP- she will present the “The Healing Harmonics of Essential oils” . Sharon will be touching on the natural intelligence of plants, sharing her knowledge about the practical use of essential oils, and explaining how the oils can be utilized to affect positive change on a deep soul level. Sharon is a Brenna Healing Science Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, and a Certified Aromatherapist.

11:30am - Birgit Lueders, M.H.CCLL—will share values of an organic healthy lifestyle in her home country, Austria. In 2009 she officially established her business called ‘BrigitCare’. Birgit has a unique way of stringing together a physical, emotional and spiritual knowledge through her intuition and Iridology, which gives her the ability to create a true holistic experience for her clients.  Birgit is a Master Herbalist, Iridologist, serves on The Board of Director of LLPA, and is a Intuitive wellness coach.

12:30-1:30pm - Lauri Moore—Medium Gallery, Lauri will demonstrate her ability to see and hear spirit. She will give messages to as many people in at the audience as possible.

1:30pm - Rev. Fran Reilly will be presenting a “Healing Energy Workshop”. Rev. Fran will share her knowledge of working with metaphysical tools. In this is a hands-on workshop, you will receive basic information on Universal Energy, chakras and energy tools. You will participate in Energy Circles, an exercise repeated as many times as possible to get as many people involved as possible. Rev. Fran will help instruct and guide through the lecture.

2:15pm - Living Room Yoga in Emmaus presents Shana Baumgartner, she is a certified instructor for many years. Her title: Yoga for everybody and Every BODY…also with chair demonstrations.

3:00pm - Brigitte Boyea - Presents “St. Germain, Ascended Master of Transformation”, channeled by Brigitte, will speak to you about the effects this current awakening process has on us. Guidance will be give in on how to deal with the sometimes very physical challenges that are a result of this. A unique energy attunement will also be offered to support you on your path.  Brigitte owns a Center of Transformation in Clinton, NJ and offers classes, channeled readings and healing sessions there on regular basis. Her work is always strongly supervised by the presence of Angels, ascended Masters and other beings of love and light with St. Germain as her main guide.

Saturday - September 17, 2017