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11 PM-Rachel Sue Ritz is an RN, Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Unity Minister, she will present a talk on the Human Growth Hormone its functions and dysfunctions of the pituitary gland.

12 PM—Chris Neithamer is co-owner hOme PYM. He will presenting the Hurqalya Energy that is good for issues such as depression, infertility, diabetes, emotional wounds, and more. He also teaches alignment-based flow yoga and heart rhythm meditation.

1PM—Spirit Gallery with Lauri Moore-Lauri has an uncanny ability to communicate with spirits on the Other Side. With compassion and accuracy. Lauri’s Engaging nature and sense of humor have brought her national popular recognition. She has appeared on numerous radio and The Haunted Tv Show.

2 PM—Nick Sabharwal will present the “Holistic Wellness of Teas”. This important topic will guide you to the correct teas to use with many ailments that will help you heal your body.

3 PM—Katye Anna will present “The World has changed but why haven’t we? Katye Anna is a soul teacher, Author, and will have everyone interact and explore old and outdated beliefs. She is a well-known teacher you don’t want to miss this workshop.

4 PM- Rev. Fran Reilly is presenting a “Energy Circle Workshop” you will be working with Metaphysical tools. She will teach you how to use the Universal Energy for a person, animal or the Earth. You will receive basic information on Universal Energy, chakras, and energy tools. You will participate in the circle as time allows. Great information.

5 PM—Spiritual Phyto Essencing and the Frequencies of Love presented by Sharon Bibb, she is a Barbara Brennan School of healing graduated. Today she will give a summary of Spiritual Phyto Essencing, highlighting the 3 blends. They are The frequencies of Love, Stillness and the Mystics path.

Sunday , Sept 16, 2018


12 PM--Deborah Richmond Foulkes is presenting Reincarnation, she is a recognized historian and a award winning author with six books written by Spirit on the subject of Reincarnation.

1PM—Spirit Gallery with Lauri Moore…see sat

2 PM-Spiritual Holistic Qi will be offered by Grandmaster, Pai Shen Li.Qi—God’s Vital  Life Force Energy is the topic. He will teach you how to free the Qi, move the Qi and expand the Qi. This experience will help you to be alive, be passionate, be fruitful and gracious.

3 PM- Katye Anna will be presenting “Imagination as a Transformation Tool”.  Please see Sat.

4 PM-Dr Kent Ozman- “Be curious about your future and take care of it now.” Dr. Kent hold three degrees in chemistry, human anatomy and his Doctorate in chiropractic. He is a trained in applied Kinesiology which helps him locate what needs to be tuned in your body. He will demonstrate “THETA HEALING”.

5 PM-Mark Reinhart will be presenting “Balance your three Centers”. Exercising and meditation to help balance your physical, emotional and spiritual centers, how to purge obstructions and blockages and harmonize your complete self.


Saturday - September 15, 2018