Spiritual Holistic Expos



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Saturday - September 21, 2019














Sunday - September 22, 2019

11:30 AM-
12:30 PM-Laurie Moore-Spirit Gallery, Laurie is a well known Medium in PA
1:30 PM-SummerHawk Wolf-Etheric/Auric Surgery and Armor Removal
2:30 PM-Chris Gage-Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel
3:30 PM-Eagle Skyfire-Journeying Between Two Worlds
4:30 PM-Rebecca Austill-Clausen- Rebecca's After Death Communication Techniques

11:30 AM-
12:30 PM-Cherly Lynn- Do you want to Know? Light-workers Guide to the Universe
1:30 PM-Marjorie Forbes-CBD and Holistic Health
2:30 PM- Her Holiness Shilpa Kudtarkar- 5 Powerful Spiritual Self-Healing Techniques
3:30 PM- Brian Kunsman-Spiritual Holistic Qi Gong and demo
4:30 PM- Dave Gutkowski-Heart Based Perception, and the Discovery of a Stonehenge in PA