Spiritual Holistic Expos



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Saturday, May 20 Speakers List


11 AM—The Tarot—Robert Moyer, An expert in this field of Tarot- Motivated Speaker with humor.


12 PM—Fun, Freedom, Fulfillment; Connecting with your life purpose so you can truly live.

               Together, we’ll explore what it means to connect with your life purpose and how to

              energetically align with the path that will bring you  the most joy.

               Presented by Crystal Kulpcavage, Life Purpose and Business Coach


1 PM—Mediumship Gallery—with the famous medium, Lauri Moore. She has been on various TV

             shows. She travels all over PA., NY and NJ giving galleries. You don’t want to miss her.



3 PM—Integrated Vibrational Energy Medicine—Lisa Alexander is a Certified Master Sound Therapist,

             Certified Angel Intuitive, and creator of the Alexander Method of Vibrational sound. She will

             Be giving audience demonstrations.


4 PM—Was Jesus an Energy Healer-Author, healer and teacher, Ted. O’Brien, of the East Coast Institute    

             Medical Qigong explores the idea of Jesus Christ as an energy healer. During the presentation

            Ted will demonstrate evidence and facts that strongly support his notion. In addition, he will

             Display Medical Qigong healing techniques.


5 PM—Master Herbalist, Iridologist Birgit Lewders will present values of an organic healthy lifestyle in

            her home country of Austria. In 2009 she officially established her business call, BirgitCare. Birgit

            has a unique way of stringing together a physical, emotional, and spiritual knowledge through

            her intuition and Iridology, which gives her the ability to create a true holistic experience for     

            her clients.


Sunday, May 21, 2017 Speakers List


11:00 AM—Tuning the Bones-Brian H. Kunsman, Grandmaster Pai Shen Li.odt, will be presenting

             A vibrational method of tuning the bones to optimal health. The use of specific frequencies to a

             awaken and move the Qi through the bones. The practitioner will use tuning forks along with

             a mindful focus of Qi to tonify the kidneys, balance the integrity of the structural alignment,

             assist the bones to cleanse and detox as the bones shift into higher levels of vibration.

             The integration takes place through the tuning forks and voice.


12.00—Managing Stress and Sleeping well with Ayurveda—Vaidya Vasudha Gupta is a Doctor of

             Ayurveda, she will go over the simple and effective techniques that will help you with your

             everyday stress and anxiety. She will also speak about the success of her herbal formulation that

             she created over a decade ago. All attendees will receive a free gift from American Ayurveda.


1:00—Empower & Enlighten with the Ascender Master and Angelic activation, Vibratory & Sound

           Energy to empower your True Mastery and Divine Purpose. Jill Mattson is an author of 12 sound   

           Healing books and cutting edge/vibratory-healing CDS. The Lost Waves of Time was voted as the

            Best book of 2016 by the International New Age Associations. She has won several Best Sound

            Healing CD of 2016 and 2015.


2:00—The Sound of Madness—Living Life Fully in today’s Crazy World—John RedEagle Bailey will

           Present this teaching program examines the Shadow side of our Soul and Personality. How it

           Affects our daily life through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.


3:00—Discover your Intuitive Self----Rev. Michael Barnett, M.Div., M.Ed., has helped people to live

           their    full potential working as Blue Turtle, Intuitive counselor and Teacher, his messages from

          Mother of Light, grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde, and Mahatma Gandhi are published in

          Sedona Journal.


4:00—Carrie Beleno-Chaos to Calm—She will briefly share her transformational journey and universal



5:00—The Path of Ascension-Joseph Adams is adept energy worker and Usui Reiki Master Teacher

           from Northern Virginia. In the lecture, he will discuss Ascension. The evolution of our

           consciousness is completely dependent upon the important power, and that is LOVE.