Spiritual Holistic Expos



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Show Regulations

1725 Chew St., Allentown , PA

The 27 th Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo 2018

Sponsored by:
1. Metaphysical Universal Ministries, a non-profit Learning Center in Allentown, PA

2. Agri-Plex Center is located at 1725 Chew Street-Allentown Fair Grounds, Allentown, Pa

3. Every Vendor has to register to get their Expo Packet before they set up their booth.

Set time
4. Friday Sept 14- from 2PM to 7 PM or Sat from 7AM to 9AM
Show Time is from 10AM to 6PM—both days

Security regulations
1. We have security on both days, so you can leave your things at the show.

2. The security requests that all people please leave the building 15 minutes after closing time

3. All side doors have to be closed at all times. Please inform the front desk if they are open.

Booth Information
1. Due to fire regulations all aisles must be kept clear and open at all times. Store your inventory
under the table.

2. Please do not remove side rails without permission from the staff.

3. NO Signs outside your booth that project out into the aisle.

1. Each booth will get 2 passes per booth. If you have more in your booth you will have to go the
staff booth to purchase them.

1. You are not allowed to bring your things in the front door. You will be told at registration where
is the closet door for you to bring them in.

Electric Cords and Carpets
 If you signed up for electric, you are allowed 1 plug on the block…please do not abuse this and use heavy-duty extension cords of at least 50 feet. This is your responsibly. Id you have carpets make sure they are secured to the floor with tape.

Lectures—If you are scheduled to lecture, please begin on time in order for the next person to do their presentation. The lectures are 45 minutes. Questions call Isabelle at 610.791.2641