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Fall Contract


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  The 27th Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo 2018                       

                              “The Expo That Opened another Door”                                               

Date: September 15-16-2018

Place- Agri-Plex Center—1725 Chew Street-Allentown-PA (Allentown Fairgrounds)

Please PRINT very clear…we are using email only for your confirmation this year!

Name of your Booth________________________________________________

Vendor Name_____________________________________________________________


Tele_____-______-_______      Cell_____-_____-______ Email___________________________

                    The booth has a full drape, 1 table and 1 chair.

10 ft by 10 ft Pipe and Draped Booth - $280.00 Per Booth              ____ Total $_____.____

Corner Booth (first come basis) - Additional $50.00                         ____ Total $ _____.____

10 ft x 20 ft Draped Large Back Booth - $330.00 Per Booth            ____ Total $_____._____

Electric Plug@ $40.00_________________________                           ____ Total $ _____.____

Full Electric Drop @ $80.00___________________                              ____ Total $ _____.____

Extra Table@ $20.00 per table_______________________                  ____ Total $ _____.____

Extra Chairs @ $3.00 per chair________________________               ____ Total $ _____.____

                                                                                                        Grand Total $ _____.____

                                                          Date of Deposit__________        Deposit  $ _____.____

Taken By _____________                           Due by August 20             Balance   $______.____


Payable To:  Fall Expo 2018                                                        Website: www.mumexpo.org

Send To:

Rev. Isabelle Moll                                                              Email-mumisabelle121@msn.com

2538 Appel St—Allentown-PA  18103                              Call Isabelle for info: 610-791-2641

Please remember to get you application in ASAP…we need the revenue to advertise the best we can on TV-Radio-Newspapers-Magazines. Thank you, for understanding.

A late fee of $25.00 will be applied in your balances are not paid by August 20th, 2018

We do not allow any vendor to sublet their booth they reserved WITHOUT PERMISSION from Director—Rev. Isabelle Moll - 610-791-2641

Please list your services or products





Please Read and Sign
I understand what the regulations are for the registration of The 27th Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo 2018. Everyone working in my booth must sign the form.  Two tickets come with the booth all others will have to pay the daily rate of $8.00.

I agree to only do and sell what I have listed on the above listing.

I/we will not hold The 27th Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo ,  Metaphysical Universal Ministries, St. John’s Church of Faith, Lehigh Agricultural Society Associations, or any Director, Officer of either association legally responsible for any loss, theft, or injury.

I will be responsible if there are any claims or refunds to the client who I provide service or product at

The 27th Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo 2018.

Please Print your Name____________________________________________________


Persons in your booth are required to sign the form.

Print_______________________     Signature_________________________________

Print_______________________     Signature_________________________________

Print_______________________     Signature_________________________________


Payable to: Fall Expo 2018

Send your payment to:   Isabelle Moll-- 2538 Appel St., Allentown, PA 18103

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