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Expo Flyer

MUM's 17th Annual Spring Expo 2018
"The one that opened another door."

Sponsored by Metaphysical Universal Ministries

Saturday - May 18th, 2019
Sunday - May 19th, 2019

Vendor Application
Location: Allentown Fairgrounds, AgriPlex, 302 N. 17th St. Allentown PA

175 Vendors - over 2700 people in attendance -- Free lecture


Corner booths are first come first serve.
To keep your booth you must leave a $125 deposit. 


Fall Expo:


MUM's 27th Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo
The One That Opened the Door...

Sponsored by Metaphysical Universal Ministries

Saturday - September 15, 2018
Sunday - September 16, 2018

Vendor Application

Allentown Fairgrounds, AgriPlex,
302 N. 17th St. Allentown PA
 Free lectures


Corner booths are first come first serve.
To keep your booth you must leave a $125 deposit. 




Linda Spaeth Thank you God for allowing Isabelle to overcome her physical trials to not only make this expo happen, but also to be there to be a part of it. Love you Izzy.
Britta Brydges Amazing Expo as always Isabelle and staff! Thank you so much for all you do. We love you!
Crystal Chronicle And, thank you, Isabelle, for hosting such an event. Much fun was had by all, and it is always great to connect with friends old and new alike.
Bonnie Roeder Had a wonderful time
Pam Shultz Thanks Isabelle for a great Expo. Was great to see you and all my friends. See you again in the fall.
Peter Jarvis Thank you, Isabelle Moll for bringing another Wonderful event to the Holistic Community!
Andrea Brock Thank You Isabelle! As always a great time seeing our friends twice a year and meeting new people.
Edie Weinstein I brought home this exceptionally beautiful tunic from Elen and Tuka's booth
Thanks so much Isabelle for this weekend....was lovely to meet you, you have a beautiful reputation which now i can see why :)
I loved the show, the layout and the energy of it....and the quality of vendors.....
Jo Jayson - Artist
Nuha Loper I had a wonderful time and came home with my favorite things!!
Dottie Allyn Thank you, Isabelle, for a wonderful "Spring MUM"! My first one- see you in the fall!
Fran Reilly Thank you for a gang busters show. You are the best.
Pat Weldon As always, MUM is my favorite Expo be it Spring or Fall. Love you, Isabelle Moll.
Laurie Peil It was a great fair a d so.good to see you again Isabelle
Ruth Marsh loved seeing you this past weekend---looking good. So glad you are up & around.
Matthew Sullivan Thank you Isabelle Moll for all that you do. We had a great time and can't wait to be back in the fall. Blessings
Dave Gutkowski What an Expo !!! I never worked so hard or so steadily as at this year's MUM !!! Way to go Isabelle Moll !!! And all my fellow vendors... and all our wonderful customers !!

Hi Isabelle,

    I just want to let you know that Linda and I very much enjoyed participating at the MUM expo this past weekend. We would like to return in September to be with you again Sept 21 and 22. The RavenHeart Center would very much like the same booth location.

    Blessings, Earl

Dear Isabelle,

Just fulfilling my promise as I said I would and that is to tell you, via email, that I had the best darn time today at your Spring MUM Expo. Job well done little lady.

The vendors were great, the energy was great, the offerings were great...well, I came home feeling...........yep...........GREAT !!!

Again, thank you Isabelle (and staff) for an absolutely enlightening, relaxing day. I so needed a day like this. Looking forward to the Fall Expo. I'll be back !!!

Angelic blessings,  Linda

Dear Isabelle ,

Thank you so very much for your kindness and all the extra hard work to let me in at last minute it is deeply appreciated

Dear Isabelle:

First, thanks for having me at your Holistic Expo, I met some wonderful people and enjoyed my time there.

I had wanted to attend the Fall Expo but find I have already had a show booked in Maryland that I put a deposit on and so I will not be able to make the Fall, however I definitely want to put in the 2013 Spring Show so if you can put me down for that and give me the dates I will hold also if I can be in the same spot as I was that would work out as well, I always like corners but realize they are hard to come by.

So let me know about the next spring one and again thank you. I truly enjoy the energy there.

God Bless